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We implement customized IT solutions for your company.

IT White

We help implement technologies in your business.

With personalized solutions, we want to be the IT solution for your company or organization

Our Products

Datacenter Infrastructure

Complete line of Supermicro, HPE, Cisco & Dell Servers.

Datacenter Connectivity

Supermicro 100 GBE, 40 GBE, 25 GBE y 10/1 GBE Datacenter Switches.

CISCO Nexus 40 GBE, 25 GBE y 10/1 GBE Datacenter Switches.

Huawei Cloud Engine 40 GBE, 25 GBE y 10/1 GBE Datacenter Switches.

Wireless Connectivity

Ubiquiti and Cisco Meraki Wifi Equipment PtP y PtmP Links

IT White

About Us

We Are ITWhite, We are your IT solution

ITWhite is small boutique IT Architecture company, capable of delivering very complex solutions including all kind of IT Hardware, from big servers or storages, to IoT SBC computers, with either branded Storages or SdS whitebox solutions, including physical or virtual networks.

if you need a customized and integrated solution, with 'other than usual' requirements, do not hesitate.

We will help you with the right architecture and the most efficient components, to solve your requirement.

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